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is an instrument for assessing the usability, information, and service interaction quality of Internet web-sites, particularly those offering e-commerce facilities.

The WebQual instrument is being developed by the Management Schools at the University of Bath and the University of East Anglia by:

Latest developments

In May 2005 we combined comment analysis with the traditional quantitative analysis of WebQual to give data trinagulation and a deeper insight into the dimensions of Web site quality - read more in the papers section of the site.

WebQual Overview

WebQual 4.0 was developed using online book stores: Amazon, BOL, and the Internet Bookstore (IBS) (read the full paper). The summary results are that Amazon led with a WebQual Index (WQI) of 0.82, followed by IBS at 0.70, with BOL lagging at 0.68. The radar chart tells the story graphically. Full details in the papers section of the site.